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Evolution isn't real, because chimps can't talk.


Considering that this comes from the same guy who says doing yoga may lead being possessed by Satan (or, if Satan is busy, one of his minions), I'm just going to end this with "LEAVE SCIENCE TO THE SCIENTISTS, YOU ASSHOLE!"
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Motherfucker say what?

Yes, indeed... one of the authors of the Patriot Act is upset that the NSA has its' hands on millions of Verizon customers' records. Because, fuck, I don't know... it's only okay under Republican Presidents?
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Jim Inhofe, R-OK, and all already prick, voted against disaster relief bills for the people affected by Hurricane Sandy. Of course, it's not the same thing at all when his state gets fucked up.

Because Okies are "real Americans" and New Yorkers and New Jerseyites aren't. (Or some such bullshit that he'll foist off as an excuse.)

Look, I don't wish disasters on anyone. (I know, I know, that's a lie, but roll with it.) But Inhofe is seriously contending for "Senate Asshole of the Year" here. (Honestly, he should just be awarded the "Senate Asshole Lifetime Achievement Award".)
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Gingrich continues his "Whiny Little Bitch 2012" tour, by asking the Florida GOP to allocate their delegates proportionally.

Now, if he'd asked this BEFORE the Florida primary....

(There's a slight technicality in that maybe it was supposed to be allocated proportionally, according to the National GOP rules, but Florida put a letter beforehand saying it would be winner-take-all, so...)
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Gingrich thinks it would be neat-o if Perry and Santorum dropped out before the South Carolina primary.

Okay, chief, let's look at a few things.

1) Yes, Perry is pretty much sucking hind teat here, and he's not horribly likely to have a huge showing in South Carolina. He came in a few points behind Gingrich in Iowa and DEAD. FUCKING. LAST. in New Hampshire. (Well, among the candidates who are actually getting invited to the debates.)

2) Santorum, on the other hand, came in a very close second in Iowa (well ahead of Gingrich), and just barely ahead of Gingrich in New Hampshire. The polls have Santorum coming in third in South Carolina, behind Mitt Romney and Gingrich.

The only reason that Gingrich wants these two to drop out is so the voters can solidify behind him as the not-Romney candidate. (Which, as we know, is the most important reason to vote for Newt. Because every other reason to vote for Newt is tied for last.)

Conclusion: Yeah, fuck you, Newt. If Perry was going to drop out, he'd have done it before Huntsman, and Santorum has no reason to drop out of the race at this point. Plus, Gingrich is horribly presumptuous in assuming that everyone who would vote for Perry or Santorum would switch over to him, because he's the model of sweetness and ethics and OH GOD WHAT A COCKWART.


Jan. 6th, 2012 12:47 pm
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Rick Santorum has called himself a "Jesus candidate".

Shockingly, he doesn't mean that voters look at him, facepalm and say "Jesus."

But hey, maybe we can nail his ass to a cross and have a Roman soldier stab him with a spear.
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Every time Glenn Beck invokes MLK, Jr., take a shot.

Every time Glenn Beck stresses individualism and follows it up with something we should all do, take a shot.

Every time Glenn Beck mentions 9/11, take a shot. (If he mentions it more then once per sentence, you only have to take one shot. I don't want you getting alcohol poisoning.)

Every time Glenn Beck mentions sacred honor, take a shot.
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Glenn Beck is saying we've (Americans) have "wandered in darkness for too long".

So, uh, Glenn.... either you're referring to the two years of the Obama presidency as 'too long' or there was some reason you didn't do this during the eight years of the Bush presidency.

Which is it?

[12:05] This is getting fucking scary. MLK's niece is speaking now, but these people would applaud anything at this point.

[12:13] Beck started out this section wondering how many people are attending, quoting the media's estimates of "tens of thousands" "two hundred thousand" "five hundred thousand" so 'who knows how many people are here?'

NNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH.... considering that they're not showing the crowd in front of him, and that you can easily see people moving around in the background, I'm going to have to say it's probably not "five hundred thousand".

Oh, and Beckerhead? The Vietnam Memorial was finished in 1982, so we're not just now honoring them.

[12:24] And Beck is intrinsically saying with "What do we believe?" a "If you believe other then us, you're wrong." Where the fuck is the ghost of Lincoln to bitchslap Beck when you need him?

[12:33] "There is growing hatred in this country." AND YOU'RE FANNING IT, YOU ASSHOLE! If you want to cut out the bigotry and the hatred and the demonizing of others, then when the fuck are you canceling your TV program?

[12:37] (paraphrasing) "I know that some people label me as a fearmonger." THAT'S BECAUSE YOU ARE A FEARMONGER, YOU ASSHOLE! (he then uses a Titanic reference) THE DIFFERENCE IS, YOU'RE WARNING US OF AN ICEBERG THAT DOESN'T EXIST!

[12:48] (paraphrasing) "Have I not yet done enough for my country?" You really haven't done anything for your country. You're a fearmonger, a divider, and a scam artist with that Goldline crap.

[1-'ish] Beck has a group of people standing directly behind him now, which serves a dual purpose of showing other people on the dais with him, and blocking the view of how crowded (or lack thereof) the area behind him is.
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Okay, okay, Tancredo's always an asshole.

Now, however, he thinks that schools shouldn't get public funding for the children of illegal immigrants.

So, asshole, how's that supposed to work? You deny the schools funding for those children, and what... they're just supposed to make that money appear magically? I mean, either you end up with schools that are even more underfunded with the children of illegal immigrants still going to those schools OR you end up with the children of illegal immigrants not going to school at all, and doing who knows what when they should be in school.

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