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Wisconsin lawmakers have passed bills (a) banning the coverage of abortion in the state's new health care exchanges AND (b) requiring sex ed. classes to emphasize abstinence as the preferred method of birth control.

... well, given the Republican party mood towards abortion lately, I can't say that the first one surprises me all that much.

As for the second... yeah, emphasizing abstinence has worked so damn well in the past, amirite?

Look, we all know, by the time the kids reach the age where they can take sex ed. classes, they're going to want to fuck. Every goddamned form of media these days (except possibly Braille) promotes sexuality. So saying "You ought not to do it" flies not only in the face of overwhelming advertising, but the raging hormones of teenagers.

So really, unless they're going to give every teen in Wisconsin a copy of Dungeons & Dragons, I'm going to say that emphasizing abstinence will be about as effective as a screen door on a submarine.
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It goes on and on my friend...

So, an Arizona state senate panel is jumping back into the 'birther' bullshit, putting forth a bill that would require all Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates to sign affidavits saying that they meet the qualifications to run for office.

Let's see... have we had anyone claim that a certain President isn't old enough? No.

Have we had anyone claim that a certain President hasn't lived in the U.S. long enough? Not to my knowledge.

So gee, it must be more of that "why, he wasn't born in this country" crapola that should have been settled a long ass time ago, and at this point is only believed by cockwarts and ignorant fucking morons.

So it's not a shock that this is coming on the heels of Joe Arpaio's and his group of fuckwits who claim that President Obama's birth certificate is fraudulent.

Oh, and just to show that there's no ulterior motives, the head of said fuckwit posse (aka the lead investigator), Mike Zullo, is selling the report as a book. Yeah... he has no reason at all to be looking for publicity.
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Yes, it's Houston's First (and hopefully last) Annual Jesus-fest. Or Prayerapalooza. Or a complete and utter laughingstock. (Right now, they've got commitments from 8,000 people for a stadium that seats 70,000.)

Whither thou, Anonymous? (No, seriously. I want protestors outside, wearing Guy Fawkes masks and yelling for Perry to 'do a barrel roll'.)

And I don't even live in Texas.

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