Aug. 16th, 2013


Aug. 16th, 2013 09:22 pm
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The RNC is officially threatening to do... something... if CNN and NBC continue to make Hilary Clinton movies.

You see, each of those two networks is planning on making/broadcasting movies about Hilary Clinton. And even though the 2016 election is... let's see... divide by 6, carry the 1... 3 whole fucking years away, and there's no guarantee that Hilary will run for the Democratic nomination, the RNC is losing their goddamned mind over the possibility.

So they're threatening to not hold any debates on those channels. Seeing as how the RNC may be planning on a whole metric shitload of debates (there were 20 in the 2012 lead-up), it would actually be refreshing to have a couple of channels that debates don't appear on.

Mind you, the RNC can't officially stop NBC or CNN from hosting a debate. It just won't be an official debate. I guess maybe some of the candidates wouldn't show up? Or they'd be marginally less polite to one another?

Meh, fuck 'em.

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