Nov. 8th, 2013


Nov. 8th, 2013 11:50 pm
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So, in my D&D game tonight, the Warforged character starts investigating the inside of this ruined tower while the other PCs (and some NPCs) are nearby. He's pretty much just making sure it's safe.


So you have a 300 lb. living construct of wood, metal and crystal start falling falling through the collapsing floor. He's scrabbling on to anything he can grab to not fall who knows how far. (Well, I do, but I'm the GM.)

One of the other PCs tries to throw him a rope. I call for a to-hit roll because this is happening that fast. He rolls a 1. He throws the rope all right. The entire rope.

I let him know he can try to grab the Warforged in a 'last-ditch' attempt to keep him from falling. He manages to do so, but is not strong enough to pull the Warforged out. So he calls for help from the (strength 9) Goblin NPC to help.

Picture the scene from "Kung Fu Panda" where Mantis is holding the two ropes of the rope bridge. "WHAT WAS I THINKING?"

Only then does the Warforged remember that he can teleport.

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