May. 16th, 2013

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Last night, on 'The Daily Show', Jon Stewart's guest was former Senator Olympia Snowe. One of the things that she encouraged the audience (and viewers) to do was write or call their Senators so their voices would be heard. (This was in reference to the fact that 90-something percent of Americans were in favor of expanding background checks, but the NRA threatened to whack Republican politicians on the nose with a rolled up newspaper, and well, you know the rest.)

Now, I'd call or write my Senators, only there's a problem.

I can't fucking stand the man.

Now, maybe you'd think that's unfair. I have, after all, never met Lindsey Graham. (Side note: Tim Scott, the other SC Senator, has been a Congress-critter for all of four months, so I'm cutting him a break on this diatribe.)

Now, to be fair, he's not Jim DeMint, who I wouldn't piss on if he were on fire, but I really can't see a letter to Lindsey Graham getting anything but the standard boilerplate response, if that.

Dear Lindsey Graham,

I am a liberal atheist who lives across the street from the statehouse where the Confederate flag still flies. Imagine how marginalized I feel. Please stop making South Carolina a laughingstock. (You may have to find some way to get Mark Sanford thrown out of office to accomplish this.)

Yeah, that wouldn't fly, would it?

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