Jan. 27th, 2013

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Anonymous is threatening... wait for it... the Justice Department, over Aaron Swartz' death.

Okay, look... the charges against Aaron Swartz were, in my opinion, overblown and largely the result of an overzealous federal prosecutor seeking media attention over following the spirit of the law.

What Swartz did (large scale downloading of journal articles that have since been made publicly available for free) was a bit of a dick move, as it brought down JSTOR access on MIT a couple times. Yeah, he had to break into a wiring closet to attach a laptop to MIT's network. Yeah, he scraped a shit-load of articles, that at the time he did it, weren't publicly available.

Was it, all in all, something that required charges with a total maximum sentence of 35 years? Fuck no.

Still... I think Anonymous is acting in the wrong here. You want to be pissed at the needless death of Aaron Swartz? That's understandable. Getting in a dick-waving contest with the Justice Department is not the way to do it.

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