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kierthos ([personal profile] kierthos) wrote2013-12-20 10:39 pm

This takes the cake.

Ian Bayne, who is running for Congress, has compared Phil Robertson to Rosa Parks. Yes, Mr. Bayne is a Republican. Are you shocked?

Okay, Mr. Bayne... let's get a few things straight.

Rosa Parks was an icon of civil rights. Phil Robertson makes duck calls.

Rosa Parks was a victim of prejudice and racism. Phil Robertson made comments comparing gay sex to bestiality, and said black people seemed happy before the civil rights movement.

And yet, Mr. Bayne seems to think that Christians in the United States are victims of persecution. Hrm. Let's take a look. Are Christians in the United States being lynched for being Christian? No?

Are Christians in the United States forced to attend sub-standard schools? No?

Are Christians in the United States regularly denied the right to vote? Are they regularly threatened with violence for attempting to vote?

In fact, are Christians under any real attack in the United States? (No, the fucking "War on Christmas" does not count.) No?

Well, gee, Mr. Bayne, I'd have to say that no, Phil Robertson is not, in fact, the Rosa Parks of Christian society in the United States.

In short, shut the entire fuck up, Mr. Bayne.