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A federal appeals court has declared that the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutionally denies federal benefits to married gay couples.

Oh yeah, this one should be headed to the Supreme Court. Of course, given their recent track record, and the conservative slant they have, there's a good chance they'll fuck it up.
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It seems President Obama has come out in favor of same-sex marriage.

Cue the right-wing shitheads losing their goddamn minds any second now. (Although apparently, Shep Smith over at FOX News doesn't have a problem with it.)
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Dick Lugar, the longest-serving Republican in the Senate, has been defeated in the Indiana Republican primary by the Tea Party-backed Richard Mourdock.

Apparently, choosing Mourdock over Lugar is a huge win for conservatives, because Lugar would, on occasion, work with Democrats. (I know, what an asshole!)

And... *sigh* as expected, North Carolina became the latest state to ban gay marriage. Some North Carolina voters apparently expect that gay marriage will cause the economy to stay in the crapper, take their tobacco subsidies, and shoot their dogs.
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A U.S. Court District Judge has ruled that the federal definition of marriage is unconstitutional.

Yes, folks, that's part of DOMA.

You know what makes this even better? Hizzoner the Judge was nominated to the position by George W. Bush.

Well now

Feb. 7th, 2012 01:47 pm
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Prop 8 ruled unconstitutional, which means that technically, same-sex marriage is legal in California again. I say technically, because I have no idea if it's going to be legal again immediately, or if it's going to be on hold until it goes to SCOTUS, or what.
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The Washington state senate has approved a bill to legalized gay marriage. It goes to the Washington House of Representatives in a week, and is expected to pass there.

Opponents of the bill are going to try and force a referendum challenge to it at the next ballot.
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Massachusetts city to pay stipend to married gay public employees to offset federal tax.


Frankly, I want a challenge to DOMA to get to the Supreme Court, even though it's probable that they would split 5-4 against declaring DOMA unconstitutional.
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New York becomes the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage.

Of course, the way some right-wing shitheads are raging, you'd think that New York not only made it legal, but mandatory.

And of course, the Catholic Church is all pissy, but who gives a fuck? When they clean up their own house, maybe then I'll consider their opinions. (Probably not.)
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The same sex marriage bill in New York is going down to the wire. You know, I want to see New York pass this one. And I also want to see the Catholic church shut the hell up about it.
New York's Archbishop, Timothy Dolan, reiterated his and the Catholic Church's opposition to gay marriage on Sunday, vowing to oppose "any radical bill to redefine the very essence of marriage."

"One has to wonder why the proponents of this radical redefinition, who claim overwhelming popular support, would not consider" a referendum "on such a drastic departure from traditional values?" he wrote on his blog.
Yes, traditional values... like those values 125 years ago, which pretty much said that interracial marriages were 'wrong', and in many states were illegal (in some states, interracial marriages were illegal until 1967, when SCOTUS reached its' decision in Loving v. Virginia).

Look, if they're consenting adults, there shouldn't be any law restricting them from being married. But that's obviously far too sensible an idea.
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That Pentagon study about gays serving in the military? It's out. And, awwww, looks like gays could serve in the military without it being a Gaypocalypse.

Of course, this won't stop assholes like McCain from saying it's a bad idea (although once upon a time, he supported it), and it sure won't stop Yukon Barbie or the other far right talking heads from insisting that it would somehow cause the end of the military might of the U.S. if we let gays openly serve. (I'm sure there will be some indignant outrage from Limbaugh and Beck before the day is out.)

Now... *glares at Congress* Hop to it, assholes.
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The Southern Poverty Law Center is planning to add the Family Research Council to it's list of hate groups next year, based on the FRC's strong anti-gay stance.

The FRC's response? It's an honor to even be nominated HOW RUDE! WE WANT THE GAYS TO BE ILLEGAL. IT'S NOT LIKE WE'RE BIGOTS OR ANYTHING! (The FRC went on to mention what a godless liberal organization the SPLC was.)
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Troops discharged for being gay try to re-enlist.

At least three so far, that is. Of course, one of them was told that 'there were no slots available for former Marines who want to re-enlist' and that he'd be notified if something came available by January, and another was turned away from an Army recruiting station by staff sergeants who professed ignorance of the DoD decree.

I'm not shocked at that. Rampant shitheadism will remain in some parts of the military.
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Bigoted assholes ask for stay of judge's ruling in advance of the ruling, but only if it's against the bigoted assholes.

Because letting gay people marry would cause California to slide into the ocean, just like the last time.

Oh, wait....


Mar. 9th, 2010 05:19 am
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Catholic school declines re-admission of child of lesbian parents.

Yeah, because it violates the moral standards of Catholicism. One assumes that they've already kicked out all the children of divorced or philandering parents, and God help the child (pun intended) if they have a ham sandwich at school on Fridays.

One would think they would welcome the child of lesbian parents in an effort to moralize/indoctrinate the kid in why "Mommy's special friend is going to Hell". Ultimately, if they're not getting any money from the state or the feds, yeah, they can make their own decisions on who they allow in or not, but that doesn't make it a good choice.


Jan. 22nd, 2010 12:54 pm
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Prop. 8 proponent (aka douchebag) continues to spread FUD about the homosexuality/pedophilia link.

It's interesting to note that other Prop. 8 proponents are distancing themselves from this douchebag.
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The Prop 8 trial begins today. Unfortunately, it's not going to be broadcast to YouTube. (Or at least not yet, as SCOTUS has indicated that the ban on broadcasting the trial will last until at least Wednesday. After that? Who knows?)

It's going to get very interesting when the legal team arguing against Prop 8's constitutionality calls the architects of Prop 8 as witnesses. Incidentally, the supporters of Prop 8 are against broadcasting the trial on YouTube, because shockingly, they think people might be upset at them. At least one of the sponsors is actively trying to be dropped as a defendant in the case.
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Same-sex marriage bill in DC appears unstoppable

Congress gets an opportunity to review any D.C. legislation, but they've only nixed three pieces of legislation in the last 25 years, so this looks good. Also, not shockingly, Christian groups in D.C. are opposed to it.
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The California Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of Prop 8.

Either they will find that Prop 8 was a legal amendment to the California state constitution, or that it was illegal as it should have been a revision of the constitution, and should have required a different process for passage.

They will also determine the status of the roughly 18,000 gay marriages that took place in California during the period of time that they were allowed. All of the justices seemed to indicate support that those marriages will not be annulled, but it seems unlikely that they will reverse Prop 8.
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Or other suitable metaphor?

New Hampshire will become the sixth state to allow gay marriage. Once some changes are made to the bill, that is. Basically, it's going to put some protections in there for churches and their employees for not being sued if they don't allow the use of their facilities for a gay marriage ceremony.

Unfortunately, Rhode Island will probably not be joining the list any time soon (and of course, you can count out most of the south for at least the next few years). I see California revisiting this in 2010.

Oy vey

Apr. 10th, 2009 09:24 pm
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So, yeah, it seems that the anti-gay marriage fanatics are airing that "Gathering Storm" commercial in Iowa.

Okay, fuck this noise.

Dear anti-gay marriage fanatics.


I would suggest that if a heterosexual marriage can be broken up by the concept or mere existence of a homosexual marriage somewhere in the same state, then I daresay that heterosexual marriage was probably on pretty shaky ground to begin with.

This is not the start of some homosexual agenda to make sure that all the future generations grow up to be homosexuals. It is about equal rights. And what the fuck would the homosexual agenda be anyway? It sounds like some sort of bad Sci-Fi (excuse me SyFy) movie, where a major plot point is the controlled detonation of the Statue of Liberty to replace it with a giant statue of Liza Minelli.

Little history lesson here folks... once upon a time, in this very country, it was illegal for blacks and white to intermarry. That shit was wrong. And eventually, enough people saw that it was wrong, and the laws changed to stop making such unions illegal.

This is the next step in the evolution of our societal norms.

Yeah, societal norms can change. 30 years ago, when I was a wee little Bastard (metaphorically, not literally), TV and movie standards were different. What you could get away with as a public radio broadcast was different.

Times change. We have to change with them.

Get with the program, people. Gay marriage is not a sign of the Apocalypse, no matter what your overly uptight beliefs may tell you.

Well, damn

Apr. 7th, 2009 11:31 am
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Vermont has become the fourth state to legalize gay marriage.

And the first to do it through the legislature.

Yes, they passed a bill making it legal, the governor of Vermont vetoed it, and the legislature then got enough support to override the veto.

I will repeat: Well, damn.
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Iowa says state ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.

So, unless this is challenged in a rehearing (and the article suggests that it won't be, at least by the original party), gay marriage will be legal in Iowa in three weeks.


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