Apr. 14th, 2013

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that with various politicians and pundits coming out for or against gay marriage, we need some ground rules here. Not here as in on my friends page, but here as in "Seriously, some of you politicians and pundits need to just shut the fuck up."

Call it part of the "SHUT THE FUCK UP, DONNY" Omnibus legislation so I don't to beat the steady drone of bullshit out of my ears. I know, the name needs work. The acronym is completely unusable.


Part the 1st: No politician or news pundit who has been divorced twice or more, is allowed, under penalty of severe beating with a half-brick, to talk about the 'sanctity of marriage'. Further, no politician or news pundit who has never been married is also prohibited from talking about said 'sanctity of marriage'. Likewise, they are further prohibited from stating that the allowing of gay marriage will weaken traditional marriages without showing a detailed analysis from a structural engineer as to why this is the case.

Part the 2nd: No celebrity, whose longest marriage is nine months or less, is allowed, under the previous stated penalty, to talk about the 'sanctity of marriage'.

Codicil to Part the 2nd: Any celebrity with the last name of Kardashian or Nugent should just shut the entire fuck up right now.

Part the 3rd: No politician or news pundit, regardless of marriage status, is allowed to compare gay marriage to bestiality and/or paedophilia until such time as they show they understand what those terms actually mean, how they are not related, and that any one of them doesn't lead to any of the others. If, at this time, they still insist on a causative link between gay marriage and bestiality and/or paedophilia, they are to be soundly beaten with a half-brick.

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