Mar. 3rd, 2013

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Ann Romney still continues to blame everyone else for her man Mitt not being President.

Ann, here's a thought. Maybe people didn't vote for Mitt, not because the voters didn't get to know him, but because he was a terrible candidate. Now, I know, he was still probably the best of the batch... I mean, imagine the ass-beating that would have happened if Gingrich had won the nomination. That shit would have been brutal.

Or Santorum... yeah... you know, looking back at the field of candidates, the problem was that everyone knew it was going to end up being Mitt Romney. It's just that it took so long for the primaries to settle it out, that everyone got tired of him. I mean, no one was looking at Michele Bachmann's or Herman Cain's candidacies and thinking anything other than "Yeah right."

That and, I don't know... he just couldn't connect with most swing voters. Let's face facts. There's a hard-core bunch of Democratic voters who will vote Democratic, no matter what. Likewise, there's a hard-core bunch of Republican voters who will vote Republican, no matter what. Unless you're an amazing as hell candidate, you've got to appeal to the swing voters. And Mitt couldn't.

Hell, between the "47% video" and every other damn misstep his campaign made ("Really, Mitt? Really? This year is when you're sending a horse to the Olympics?" and "Tax returns? Why would you ever want to look at those?) I'm surprised he did as well as he did.
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how tempted I am to post "Spoiler: Judas was Keyser Soze." in response to Facebook friends talking about the History Channel's show "The Bible".

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