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kierthos ([personal profile] kierthos) wrote2013-12-26 07:45 pm

What a shock

So, it turns out that something that I thought was a bad idea is turning out to be a bad idea.

Let me explain.

When I first moved into this building (many years ago), if the mailman or UPS or FedEx or whoever dropped off something for you that didn't fit in your mailbox, the building office took the package, left you a note about it, and when you picked up the package from the office, you had to sign for it.

A few years ago, that sort of morphed into "the packages are in the office, and if you ask, they'll let you check to see if you have anything". (No notices about packages any more.)

Several weeks ago, THAT turned into "the table that the packages are stored on is now out by the mailboxes, where anyone who can get into the building, resident or otherwise, can get to them". You know, operating on the trust system, because all humans are good and noble people who would never, especially during the holidays, take someone's mail that didn't belong to them.

Today, my roommate heard someone complaining about packages that had been delivered to the building, that they never got because apparently someone took them. This is, of course, completely unprecedented, and there is no way that anyone could have foreseen such a thing happening.

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